Thursday, January 07, 2010


It's the beginning of a New Year and I'm starting over. With my camera system. After nearly 20 years as a Canon shooter, I've made what has been an agonizing decision to switch over to Nikon. (I should say switch back to Nikon because that's what I used B.C. - Before Canon). The reason the decision was so difficult is due to the fact that I really like Canon equipment and have become very comfortable with it. So why the switch? Well, there have been some auto-focus issues that I've worked around over the years. But, more recently, I've been waiting for Canon to produce a pro camera body on a full-frame sensor, without excessive megapixels. Each new Canon release has been with higher megapixel counts - mostly on cropped sensors - making for larger image files and more storage space requirements. High resolution is a good thing, in many instances, but not the most important factor. I think you reach a point of diminishing returns, but Canon kept cramming these sensors with more light-gathering photo sites. Meanwhile, Nikon has gradually built up their pro camera bodies to offer more of what I'm looking for: a full-frame sensor while keeping the megapixels at a more moderate level, which makes for a cleaner (less visible "noise") image, especially in low light situations. They also make an unbeatable system of fast pro zoom lenses, along with a better flash system. Is Nikon better than Canon? No. They are both outstanding. It's just that Nikon offers a better arsenal of gear for my needs as a photographer. I wanted Canon to build the camera I was hoping for. But Nikon built it instead. The D3, pictured here. I ordered some equipment last month and have been learning my way around the controls and handling of Nikon cameras and accessories. I hope to post a follow up here in the future to share some insights into my experience with the switch. Stay tuned. . .


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