Monday, October 30, 2006

Shut Out

My 7 year old son Robby and I took a drive to San Diego yesterday, hoping to buy some cheap tickets for the Rams game against the Chargers. (My wife, and my other son Michael decided to stay home. . ."it's too far"). This would have been Robby's first pro football game and he was pretty excited about it. (My dad had taken me to my first Rams' game when I was nine years old.) We walked around the stadium for over an hour, trying to find someone willing to sell a couple of tickets for a reasonable price. The ticket office still had some single seats available, but they were $185 each! Robby took the photograph here of the ticket windows, and it pretty much sums up our quest for tickets. Robby was a trooper, and we made the effort, but didn't get in to see the game. Maybe it wasn't such a bad thing, since the Rams were routed, 38-24.


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