Sunday, June 14, 2009


The Lakers have done it again! They have won the NBA championship for the 15th time in franchise history by beating Orlando, 4 games to one. Kobe Bryant not only won his fourth title, but also took home the MVP award for the championship series. Congratulations, Lakers!

Photo by Getty Images

On a sidenote, the celebration in L.A. began tonight shortly after the Lakers won in Orlando, Florida. Crowds developed in different parts of Los Angeles in what should be a fun time for Lakers fans. But, of course, the loser thugs who manage to crawl out like roaches and try to riot instead of celebrate have once again crashed the party. Is it really necessary to throw rocks & trash cans, light fires, fight and try to overturn police vehicles? I would love it if L.A.'s police chief gave the OK to open fire on these idiots.


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