Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Engagement Session

Engagement Session? Does that mean I'm also going to be shooting this couple's wedding? Yes, it does! Officially, I am no longer shooting weddings. When Brianne first told me last year that she wanted me to be her photographer, my defenses went up. But she was familiar with my photography from work I'd done for her family, and said that she and her fiance Garrett would like me to come out of "retirement" for one more wedding. All she asked at the time was that I just think about it. Fine, I'll think about it. And she gave me the space of a few months to think. I suggested she consider her second choice, just in case. Her reply was, "I don't have a second choice." In her subtle relentlessness, she somehow persuaded me to agree to document their special day. The wedding isn't until next year, but we did the engagement session last Saturday and we had a great time! As you can see, Brianne chose a cool, retro style baby-blue dress and it was the perfect complement to her pretty baby face. Garrett went with the classic never-out-of-style jeans & t-shirt and this couple looked terrific together. Brianne & Garrett. . .thank you for choosing me.
I'm honored.


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